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December 16, 2010

Saint Sophia

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Saint Hagia Sophia is an ancient Christian cathedral in Istanbul in Turkey (Roman ‘Byzantium’). Hagia Sophia is Greek for ‘holy wisdom’. Saint Sophia was built between 532 and 537 AD, when Istanbulwas called Constantinople. The Great Byzantine emperor Justinian lordered the building of Saint Sophia after a fire destroyer an earlier church on the site.
Saint Sophia was designed by the brilliant Byzantine architects of Talles and Isidorus of Miletus. The main structure is a frame work of acches and raults (high arched ceilings). The dome is 31 meters across and 56 meters high. It is supported by four triangular brick pillars called pendentires. Saint Sophia is decorated with marble rencers and mosaic of Mary, Christ, angels, and bishops. In 1453 the Ottoman Turks tooks the city and converted Saint Sophia to a mosque. They plastered over the mosaics and added four minarets on the outside. In 1935 Saint Sophia was converted into a museum and the mosaics were unconverted.

Taken from,
Book title : Building and Transport
Page : 14
Owner : John Farndon
Publisher : Milles Kelly Publisher Ltd.
Publish year : 2002


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